l o r e n z o   l u p a n o

My work is a sort of exploration of a wide unknown land, partly underground, oddly populated and with uncertain borders. The constant practice of filling sketchbooks of drawings can be considered its first mapping. The next step is the translation of the collected material utilizing different media (tapestry, sculpture, video, installation, performance). Amnesia and absent-mindedness boycott the systematic nature of the cataloguing, revealing at the same time unpredicted and un-trodden paths.

Subterranean worlds, research into the deep, impulsive reactions, fear, scribbling and drawing on the phone. Loads of images, undisclosed world, worlds: tread un-trodden paths and/or the usual paths, the ones one can’t break away from, every single thing is like one piece of a mosaic, a map of an unexplored, hostile, bizarre, strange and amusing land. The transformation from man to animal to vegetable to mineral and the intermediate hybrid states. Emotional science, sentimental geology, dream cartography, plate tectonics, ridiculous zoology, symbolic botany.
Cold and hot techniques, translating an impulse into a planned and solid plot.
Sewing, embroidering and knitting as sculpture. Sculpting soft materials, rubber foam, felt, plaster, plywood. Paintings paintings.