n a t a s h a   b o w d o i n

The idea that nothing is contained within its physical boundary, but has the potential to transform and remain in flux with its environment, is the main concern of Natasha Bowdoin’s (West Kennebunk, USA, 1981) work. Her drawings and large cut-out installations embody her interest in the power of myths, with their attempts to explain or understand the universe. Central to many of her works is the mythic “trickster” figure, particularly from Native American fables: an animal or being with the ability to change into other physical forms. This trickster myth is important to Bowdoin as it represents an analogy to the artistic creative process and an affirmation of a world-view that is open to ambiguities, paradoxes, and multiplicities. This is what also happens in her last works, inspired by Lewis Carrol’s bizarre and metamorphic universe.

In addition, the possibility to still remain in awe of the creational powers of nature is an other idea she wishes to recover in her work.

The artist’s process actualizes her conceptual concerns. She intuitively builds her compositions of animals and other beings from repeated drawings and words which are assembled and superimposed in many layers. At the end, she often finds that “the work has transformed into something else by the time it has come to a finish”.


Natasha Bowdoin will take part to the group exhibition CTRL group two, at CTRL Gallery, Houston, Texas. From 5th June to 11th July 2009.

Natasha Bowdoin is from September 2008 a Core Program resident at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

Natasha Bowdoin, a Core Program resident at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, will take part to the 2009 Core Exhibition featuring the work of the 2008-09 Core artists-in-residence. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, from 6th March to 17th April 2009.

Natasha Bowdoin takes part to the group exhibition Rich Text, at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From 22nd January  to 21st February 2009