b e r n a r d o   d a b i c c i

Bernardo da Bicci is a Saint, Superhero, and Artist. Bernardo is locked in a Cycle of Death and Reanimation while fighting Cap'n AmeriKKKa in a never-ending battle for Truth and Justice.

"Utilizing narrative and myth-making structures, symbols, and iconography from comic books, religion, Western art history and other storytelling mediums from popular entertainment, I have developed a character whose existence is rooted in 1/3 reality and ¾ super-fiction".

Bernardo is an amalgamated entity in an allegorically entrenched story of solitude, death, rebirth, hate, and redemption in what is ultimately a search for Paradise.
The narrative manifests itself primarily through installations incorporating painting, sculpture, performance, and video that make use of cheap party decorations, dollar store items, DIY materials, costumes and props that represent access to and familiarity with a certain class of visual and material culture. The fluorescent colors, large scale, and the excessiveness of materials and imagery in the installations reference a supernatural comic book world where artifice and theatricality are obvious and the viewer must suspend disbelief in order to take in the proposed illusion. This aspect is heavily informed by growing up watching professional wrestling, sci-fi TV shows, Spanish telenovelas and spending a considerable amount of time in Baroque churches in Rome.

The installations are augmented and informed by the written component of the narrative in the form of supermarket tabloid stories, poems and transcribed prayers. A story connecting Bernardo's appearance in Rome to Philadelphia can be found on the Weekly World News website. Weekly World News has introduced the world to stories of aliens, apocalyptic doom, and Bat Boy.
The different instances of installations and stories reflect and expand on the concept of Bernardo and reveal as well as conceal the central narrative. They are different accounts of the Bernardo Gospel-Truth is always in flux.
As Cap'n AmeriKKKa and his followers carry on their holy war against Bernardo, the gray-scaled struggle of Good and Evil that is painted brings to Light a multi-layered landscape of moral and political contradictions and uncertainties. The only thing that is certain is Death, and behind the white face paint of la calavera, humanity's ultimate equalizer, there is Bernardo da Bicci.