p e t e r   m a l m d i n

To give form to his small size pictures Peter Malmdin (b. Stockholm 1970) draws ideas from anonymous photographs, “poor” and without particular aesthetic value, which he finds in magazines, books and on the internet. He then cuts them, clears them of details and redefines the focus of the new image obtained, which, in a sort of blow-up, becomes the subject of his paintings on PVC. 
A process of reclamation and formal synthesis which in its final pictorial result renders the images hard, evident, almost representational, yet at the same time with a powerful and subterranean imaginative charge, dreamlike, sometimes perturbing, always cold. 
If the support employed is neutral and agile, the painting process too is concentrated, fast, almost instant, in order to maintain Malmdin’s idea concise and focalised from the first sketch to the end result. What emerge are brief crystallised visions, fragments of stories, enigmatic “cuts” that seem to allude to interrupted narrative sequences, secret and not made plain.

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