n a n c y   r a d l o f f

With recycled everyday objects and the most elementary modelling materials Nancy Radloff (b. Los Angeles 1955) creates her installations made up of small imaginary universes, obsessive and highly ordered even in the apparent randomness of assembly. The results are miniature interiors, bare and essential, inhabited only by some meagre objets trouvés; or little scenes from American provincial life, at once composed and hallucinated, with houses and streets, car parks, trees and swimming pools: an ordered and reassuring reality but on second glance artificial and slightly sinister. Or again, complex combinations of the most disparate recycled materials forming ordinary scenes, or monochromatic objects constructed with ironical meticulousness, behind which highly supervised and almost compulsive assembly work is revealed. 
All this results in the enigmatic and undecipherable work of Nancy Radloff which is only apparently the fruit of a spontaneous process and is actually subject to strict control of ideation and composition from which nothing must escape, even “at the price of its authenticity”, as the artist herself states. “I think of  loneliness, loss, emptiness and the things people do to make their lives seem more full by altering their environment. So it doesn’t seem like it actually is, be it mentally, spiritually or physically”.