b a r b a r a   w a g n e r

Although she favours exploration of straitened or ‘peripheral’ situations in her native Brazil or in Holland and China (as in her most recent photographic series), Bárbara Wagner (b. Brasilia 1980) is not interested in a documentary type slant. Far from being essays in photojournalism her photos do not present her subjects as ‘victims’ (in accordance with a predefined perspective, as often occurs). What they put forward is a less orthodox and conventional method of approaching these subjects: through posing (as in the studio photograph) which brings the subjects onstage in an active and aware manner, representing them as they choose to be represented; and through stylistic features such as the use of the flash outdoors, saturation of colours, compositional care and attention. With these elements Wagner builds up lively frames that capture the subjects’ free and often self-ironical performance: in a natural way they take over and play with the photographic space and with the eye of the beholder.


Bárbara Wagner shows her new series of portraits of masters of Brasilian folklore “Maracatu” in the group showRumors, at Istituto Itau Cultural, São Paulo, March 2009 and at Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro, November 2009.

Bárbara Wagner is hosted by Made in Mirrors Project for an artist residency in China and Holland (October-November 2008). A solo show based on the Made in Mirror Project takes place in July 2009 at Musem Het Domein, Sittard, Holland.