t o m a - m u t e b a   l u n t u m b u e

Artist and curator, born in 1962 in Kinshasa (DRC) and currently resident in Brussels, Toma Muteba Luntumbue works with sculpture, installation, drawing, sound and video. His art is concentrated on codified cultural representations and ideological phenomena linked to the concept of identity, to the stereotypes or to the transformations it is subject to: using inexpensive or recycled materials, memory of Africa, Luntumbue explores in this light the themes of nationalism, racism, individualism, identity, colonisation, decolonisation and migrations.
Repudiating the concept of “contemporary African art” Luntumbue contests all reductive and ideological visions of black cultures and identity, seeking on the contrary to show how the world of African creativity is complex, fluid, rich in diversity and contradictions. 
And he did this in exemplary fashion with the exhibitionexitcongomuseum at the Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale in Tervuren, Belgium (an old colonial museum), in which he drew attention by his political and critical stances and his objection to institutions of this kind, inasmuch as they are ideological propaganda tools that give an absolutely simplified and limited view of African cultures.