j u l i a n   f a u l h a b e r

Julian Faulhaber was born 1975 in Würzburg. He lives and works in Berlin.

He assisted commercial photographers in Frankfurt for two years before entering Art School at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences in 1999. He won the Epson Art Photo Award in 2005 (Best Class) and the Art Cologne (Best Selected Works). 2008 was an important year for Julian Faulhaber; he was invited to participate in the New York Photo Festival, he held his first solo show in New York at the Hasted Hunt Gallery, participated in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts exhibition Reality Check that displayed his work alongside work by Gregory Crewdson, David Levinthal and Stephen Shore and was nominated for the KLM Paul Huf Award 2009. Faulhaber's images have been published in The New York Times Magazine, Damn Magazine, Departure Magazine, Stern and Geo.

Among his recent solo exhibitions: Catalogue (2013, L.A.Galerie, Frankfurt | Braennen, Berlin); Studio(2012, Freelens Galerie, Hamburg); Parcels (2011 Gallery IV, Hasted Kraeutler Gallery, NY); Konstruktionen - LDPE III (2010, L.A. Galerie, Frankfurt), LOWDENSITYPOLYETHYLENE II (2010, Hasted Hunt Kraeutler Gallery, NY | 2009 Goethe-Gallery, Goethe-Institut Hongkong); DOBHAKA (2009, Projektraum Mark Röbbecke, Dortmund | 2008, Hasted Hunt Gallery, New York | L.A.Gallery - Lothar Albrecht, Frankfurt |Kunstverein Recklinghausen).

Among his recent group exhibitions: Neuland (2013, Kunsthalle, Emden); Before Aftermath (2012, Die Ausstellungsstrasse, Wien); Informal City (2012, L.A. Galerie, Frankfurt am Main); Great Photographs – Scape (2012, Hasted Kraeutler Gallery, NY); Between the Knowing (2012, Torrance Art Museum, California); Next Generation - Junge Künstler aus der Sammlung (2012, Deka Bank, Frankfurt am Main); The life and death of buildings (2011, Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton); Mapping the Art II (2011, Art Affairs, Amsterdam); Herein (2011, DZ Bank Kunstsammlung, Frankfurt am Main); Marianne Brand Wettbewerb 2010 (2010, Sächsische Industriemuseum Chemnitz); Abstract Morphology (2010, L.A. Galerie, Frankfurt am Main); space shuttle 2.0 (2009, Fotogalerie Wien), Prune - abstracting reality (2009, FOAM Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam); AT HOME-works on paper (2009, L.A. Galerie, Frankfurt am Main); Reality Check (2009, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).

Among the most important awards received by Julian Faulhaber, we remind: “Santa Fe Prize for Photography” (2009, honorable mention), “Paul Huf Award 2009" (2009, honorable mention), "Körber-Award 2007” (prizewinner), "Reinhart-Wolf-Preis 2006" (prizewinner), "BFF-Förderpreis 2006" (prizewinner), “Epson art photo award 2005” ("Winner Best Class", „Best selected Works“), "Der zweite Blick" (2005, honorable mention),"Bilderkriege" (2003, honorable mention).

Faulhaber’s work is included in the permanent collections of such esteemed institutions as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Harvard Art Museum, and the Princeton Art Museum.

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